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Financials remain at the heart of NetSuite, and cash management is a big piece of that—especially today amid high interest rates and tight financial capital. Companies already have access to tools that help them manage and project cash flow, netsuite erp reviews but NetSuite plans in upcoming versions to provide recommendations to help mitigate potential cash shortages. The finance team could choose that action directly from the recommendation screen and the projection updates to reflect it.

Our review is subjective and based on how we believe these features will work with larger and wholesale businesses. Oracle’s NetSuite software is an all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud system designed to keep large businesses running 24/7. Built primarily for finance and accounting, NetSuite can also optimize your business supply chain, customer relationship management, human resources, ecommerce, inventory management, and more.

Oracle NetSuite Review ( : Features, Pricing and More

As with SAP Business One Professional (Visit Site at SAP) and Open Systems Traverse, hovering the cursor over a graphic, or “portlet” gives you the detail for that point. With a portlet displaying a data table, for example, clicking on a dollar amount will usually drill down to where the figure came from. As with other vendors’ software, the portlets are editable and resizable. There are a fair number of portlets predefined and segregated into three core categories (Standard Content, Report Snapshots, and Trend Graphs) with a fourth tab displaying which portlets are currently being used in the Dashboard. There is also a scripting language that lets you, or more likely the partner/reseller with whom you’re working, program your own portlet.

Given the sophistication of the overall system, the natural language search capability could definitely be better. On the plus side, there are numerous training videos available in the online support center. This description might make Oracle NetSuite OneWorld sound more complex than it really is once you stop reading and actually put cursor to screen. There’s a logical and orderly progression of mouse clicks that quickly brings you to the transaction or report you need. It’s not quite as visually intuitive as Intacct, but go through it a few times and you should be quite comfortable. Depending on your business’s size, complexity and ERP needs, implementing NetSuite can be a months-long process that requires a good deal of upfront spend.

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It is an integrated software solution used to handle HR, sales, marketing, and the supply chain. It wasn’t a surprise that NetSuite was a lot harder to use than common software like QuickBooks. NetSuite’s main dashboard shows important business data, just like most of the other best accounting software we looked at. NetSuite is one of the most expensive ERP solutions on the market with a starting price of $999 per month and an additional fee of $99 per user per month. Because NetSuite is a customizable ERP, the pricing is based on what features your business needs.

  • Unfortunately, we don’t know how much the additional costs, as the pricing—as with most ERPs—is by request.
  • The fact that pricing is so hard to find and that there is really only one plan makes it difficult to recommend NetSuite.
  • A lot of the value comes from its integration with Oracle’s cloud-based system and its ability to grow with your business.
  • Oracle bought NetSuite in 2016, when Larry Ellison owned nearly 40% of NetSuite’s share.
  • Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.
  • We like NetSuite for its robust accounting and supply chain management capabilities.

An Exceptional Interface NetSuite and Intacct do a good job of dressing up the working environment enough so that you don’t feel like you’re staring at a tax return all day. NetSuite divides the site into easy-to-understand sections (Setup, Transactions, Reports, etc.) that you access through a horizontal toolbar at the top of the page. When you hover over one of these, a drop-down menu displays the activities and data that are available there (like Reports ‘ Reports Overview/Saved Reports/Purchasing/Time & Billables). Three other links on this toolbar display lists of recent records and shortcuts, and return you to the home/dashboard/preferences pages.

Key signs you should switch to NetSuite

So, it may end up more expensive if you’re looking for additional features. As one of the first cloud-based ERP systems, Oracle’s NetSuite has a leg up on most competitors. It is not available as on-premise software, but NetSuite pushes updates to the back-end of the cloud software so you never have to pay for a new version each year. Plus, as your business grows, you can add new users and modules to your software, and it’s all added in the cloud with no need for new software.

  • Immediately, that takes the majority of small businesses out of the running.
  • While QuickBooks offers some degree of scalability, it doesn’t function like an ERP.
  • From a top level executive/accounting perspective, awesome system.
  • We have five subsidiaries and the system allows you to setup customers with a parent/child relationship.
  • Wherever possible, repetitive, rules-based processes can be automated.
  • The predefined portlets are easy to add and remove with the click of a mouse.
  • 25 years later, this big idea is now summed up in a single word—“Suiteness”—that was at the heart of the company’s newest products announcements in a keynote October 18 at SuiteWorld 2023.

Very few of the ERP systems we looked at had true PM capabilities. The software follows an asset from acquisition through disposal or write-off, and you can import an existing set of assets and depreciation from a CSV file by using the Import wizard. You can also obtain the original cost of a depreciable asset from the Accounts Payable invoice that was generated for its purchase.

However, it lets you make it completely fit your business’s needs through extensive customization and integration. Platforms like FreshBooks, which focuses on making billing easier for companies, have setup processes that are faster and easier to understand. It is one of the first—and largest—cloud ERP solutions, and it has built the majority of its features and software in house. But it only offers four main feature modules up front, so there isn’t a good explanation for its high cost. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to experience ongoing supply chain disruptions.

netsuite erp reviews

Everyone will be able to access the core ERP functions plus add-on modules in one place. One advantage of working with cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps is that they generally don’t have version numbers. Whatever version you are currently working in, it’s the most current. Because there is only one codebase remaining fully controlled by the vendor, you don’t have to wait for updates and bug fixes to be built, tested, then shipped out to thousands of customers.

What are NetSuite modules?

Our firm outgrew QuickBooks, which was the business challenge that NetSuite addressed. Consequently, we are currently focused on becoming proficient in NetSuite as soon as possible. As a result, I am spending a lot of time teaching and creating systems for use by other salespeople. NetSuite Human Capital Management allows you to maximize your key people’s productivity, while keeping down the cost of managing them.

netsuite erp reviews

NetSuite OneWorld was originally NetLedger, then became the Oracle Small Business Suite, and was finally spun off into a separate public company in 2007. The system we tested, still built on an Oracle database just like Intacct, was Oracle NetSuite OneWorld rather than the base system. The largest difference between the two versions is OneWorld’s extensive multicurrency and multinational capabilities, while the standard NetSuite offering is the same basic app oriented more towards US operations.

You can also track subordinates, visa status, employee education, and promotion histories by using the HR functions. NetSuite also has versions for nonprofits, manufacturing, and other types of specific business operations. It’s also very simple to add additional features such as CRM and human resources (HR), and to scale Oracle NetSuite OneWorld up into the aforementioned full-blown ERP system. As an ERP platform, on the other hand, Oracle NetSuite OneWorld outshone everyone else, easily earning its 4.5 rating and the overall ERP category Editors’ Choice award. Accelerate Time to Value for Mid-size Enterprises
Oracle recently introduced Oracle HCM Now, a new prescriptive yet flexible approach for mid-size enterprises to adopt Oracle Cloud HCM. With Oracle HCM Now, mid-size enterprises can reduce implementation cost and complexity while rapidly gaining access to key capabilities as business needs shift.

  • The company doesn’t disclose its pricing upfront and asks that you schedule a consultation to get a quote for your unique business.
  • For the most accurate pricing, it’s still best to get in touch with Oracle and ask for a custom quote.
  • In that case, NetSuite is comprehensive, flexible, and scalable, meaning it will grow with your business.
  • NetSuite was built on the idea that fast-growing companies would benefit from running their entire business in a single system that connects processes and data across functions.
  • It costs too much and has features that are designed to grow multinational businesses with hundreds of employees—not the next-door mom-and-pop shop.
  • Unsurprisingly, where Oracle NetSuite OneWorld’s CRM strength shows through the most is in its sales transaction management and reporting.
  • Exactly what you see depends upon the role that the system Administrator assigns.