It also helps keep people invested in the outcome of the meeting—and more likely to feed off each other’s energy and ideas. While managing remote teams has a suite of benefits (increased productivity, better work-life balance, lower attrition), it’s not all candy canes and marshmallows. However, managing remote teams isn’t something they teach you in business school.

Best Remote Team Collaboration Practices

It helps you spot any areas where you excelled and where you still need to address virtual meeting challenges like lack of spontaneity or opportunities for side conversations. Asking for–and acting on–feedback also helps foster psychological safety as it lets everyone know you appreciate their input and value their time. It’s true—most people have unnecessary meetings on their calendars. That’s why you need the right tools and best practices in place to inspire true remote and hybrid collaboration.

Choose the right virtual meeting platform

This not only helps you stay on top of your team’s workload, but it also increases transparency and communication within the organization. Invest in project management software like Hubstaff Tasks to help streamline your operations and improve your productivity. Trust is one of the most important aspects of managing remote teams. It is essential to be consistent with communication and to communicate with your manager only when necessary for a trusting relationship.

For example, we know remote work can improve productivity and performance—but it doesn’t always translate to higher employee retention. You’ll need some rules and overlapping schedules for meetings, but don’t create unnecessary rules. Your employees are likely distributed across your country and possibly even internationally. Don’t schedule meetings for 10am EST when it’s going to be 7am for your Pacific Coast coworkers. We’re here to help you master the art and become a top-notch virtual manager. HR leaders and managers can increase collaboration by giving team members time and space to build personal relationships.

How to Make Working from Home Teams Collaborate Better

Whether your team is working from home or from an office, these remote team collaboration tips will help them champion teamwork. Remote collaboration tools like Wrike help remote collaboration teams stay together and be productive, even… MindManager helps boost collaboration and productivity among remote and hybrid teams to achieve better results, faster.

The content development process relies heavily on content management systems. Newer CMS platforms like GatherContent and Contentful enhance collaboration in ways that older ones, like WordPress and Drupal, can’t. They facilitate real-time collaboration on document creation, revision, and review tasks.

Encourage social interaction and opportunities for collaboration

Further, the invite enables the attendees to understand – the meeting’s agenda, time, and other crucial information. With all the session information sent ahead of time, they get time to research and prepare the inputs for the event. Virtual whiteboarding sessions demand creative thinking and brainstorming.

Side-by-side collaboration allows every participant to interact with documents, websites, and apps within the same meeting room. Choose a virtual workspace software that lets you easily pull up PDFs, documents, apps, and the websites you need. Given that, remember it’s sometimes impossible to cut out all distractions. Give your colleagues—and yourself—a break if anything does happen to disrupt the meeting. Without someone in charge, a meeting can easily become unfocused and unproductive. It’s important to pick a moderator who will keep everyone on task and make sure they have time to speak, if they want to.

Employees posted photos on a Slack channel of Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving dinner feasts and holiday decorations. They also have a “Sprint” planning meeting to plan or adapt for the next week. Plus, they have a “Story Time” meeting to review upcoming work, ask questions and clarify requirements before they break down the tasks.

  • Don’t schedule meetings for 10am EST when it’s going to be 7am for your Pacific Coast coworkers.
  • Or you can turn on your video and do a brief meeting which will give you the chance to explore matters extensively.
  • By tackling one small task at a time, you can avoid feeling strained or burnt out.
  • There are several types of tools that make it easy to stay on top of work and give you more control over your time.
  • In the case of Microsoft, research shows that remote and hybrid employees with close ties are more likely to collaborate.